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Door Frame Metal Detector – Single Zone

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Door Frame Metal Detector: We offer an exclusive range of Door Frame Metal Detectors. Door Frame Metal Detector is useful in security checks for persons in the entrance gates. These are manufactured using extreme grade of raw material and equipment. These are widely demanded due to excellent performance, durability and reliability. These are designed as per the International Standards.

Detection :
The system is designed for detecting ferrous/non-ferrous and alloys metals when passed through the archway concealed on the body of a person.
 Uniform detection from top to bottom.
Detection of multiple metal objects of various weight, size and shape from head to toe.

Passage Dimension :
1. Height - Approx 200 cm
2. Breadth - Approx 72 cm
3. Width - Approx 57 cm

Speed of Passage: Performance of the DFMD is independent of the speed of person passing through. This is particularly important as a person foot may swing through the archway without touching the ground or may come to rest on the ground between the archway pillars

 60 Kg Approx.
 Power supply :
 100 - 260 VAC, 50 -60Hz, 12-24 VDC, also provided with internal battery backup
for 4 hours Approx in operational condition.

Alarm indication :
1. There is Acoustic and Optical alarm with alphanumeric display, height on person bar display (Metal locator) and low battery indication.
2. There are possibilities to adjust volume of the audible alarm. At its loudest setting the volume is adequate to overcome ambient noise present in the vicinity.

Sensitivity:Three Levels: Low, Medium & High

Calibration: Inbuilt feature of automatic calibration.

1. Adjusted control can only be activated on the insertion of a removable key.
2. DFMD reset itself with in 3 Sec after an alarm condition.
3. Unit have inbuilt traffic and alarm counter. The system functions bidirectional.

Other features:
1. High discrimination between small masses and personal metallic objects.
2. Automatic synchronization for DFMDs located close to each other up to a distance
of one foot side by side.
3. Programming protected by password.

Static Metal Compensation: DFMD installed closed to fixed sheet or pieces of metal, which form part of the building or its fittings. The DFMD can compensate for the presence of such metal and its performance cannot be degraded by the presence of metal.

Health and Safety:
1. Magnetic field is harmless to magnetic media, electronic devices and it is film safe,
2. Operation of DFMD cannot be affected by infrared, ultraviolet, electromagnetic or RF Radiation.
3. DFMD is harmless to pacemaker and pregnant woman

Interference rejection:
1. No false alarm due to Interference, which is ‘mains-borne’ or radiated by an external source. It is possible to use equipment such as radio, portable telephone; walkie-talkie sets X-ray monitors etc. at a distance of one mtr. From the archway without causing spurious alarms.
2. Moving metal beyond one mtr. From DFMD can not affect performance of the DFMD. It is be possible to move metallic items like trolleys one mtr. Away from the DFMD without the generation of false alarm.

Operating Temperature : Temperature range of -10° C to +55° C, RH up to 90% non condensing.

1. Operating manual for the user.
2. Optional: Ruggedized Polypropylene shock proof container for safe transportation of product compliant to IP-65 and Latest Mil Std.

Certifications:CE and ISO Certified.

1. Specifications may change as per customer requirement
2. Images Shown are for indicative purpose only, Actual product may differ.

  • Availability: 1
  • Model: STS- PDSZ 01
  • Manufacturer: Securatech Systems

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