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Remote Operated Wire Cutter

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Remote Operated Wire Cutter is an essential tool to cut wires of bombs / Explosives, Improvised Explosive Devices (IED’s), Explosive Ordinance Devices (EOD’s), Radio-Controlled IEDs (RCIEDs) etc. without endangering life. The remote operated wire cutter ensures the safety of Bomb Technicians from any accidental explosion. These are manufactured using extreme grade of raw material and equipment.
Technical Specifications : 
It is designed to cut electric wire up to distance of minimum 100 meters through remote Operation both cordless and corded.

Provided with a pole stand for mounting motor with wire cutter.
 Height of the pole stands is from 3 inch to 2 meter.
 Suitable clamp is provided in the system to allow adjustment of the height to the desired 
 The clamp is provided with suitable arm/lever for fastening/unfastening the clamp.
 The clamp with lever is so designed so as to allow adjustment of height of the motor with 
    wire cutter on the pole stand without using of tools.
 The arm/lever of the clamp is provided with suitable grip for ease of operation by hand. 
 The base of the pole stand, pole, clamp, fastening / unfastening clamp / lever, nuts used in the system are rustproof.
 Cordless Operation:
 The equipment is able to function cordless for which it is provided with a cordless remote for 
   its remote operation up to distance of minimum 100 mtrs.
 The remote works on commercially available rechargeable cells.
Corded Operation:
 Besides using remote control, the equipment also able to function through wired connectivity 
   from a distance of minimum 100 meters.

Wire Cutter:
 The jaw of the cutter can be easily open up to an angle of 45 degree.
 The wire cutter can cut wire with max overall diameter of 5mm including the sheath.
 The motor of the wire cutter functions on commercially available standard 12V rechargeable 
    lead acid sealed maintenance free battery.
Operating Temperature:
 -10° to +50° C
 Weight:
 The complete weight of the equipment with standard accessories along with the pelican case     is approx. 30 Kgs.
 The weight of the additional accessories along with the pelican case is approx. 10 Kgs.

Carrying Cases:
 Light weight, water resistant for safe storage and transportation of complete equipment       
   including the accessories.
 The carrying cases provided with roller wheels and suitable handle for transportation akin to a stroller.
 The main equipment with standard accessories will be provided in one pelican case and the   
   additional accessories will be provided in a separate pelican case.

Standard Accessories:
 Remote Control – 01 Nos. 
 Commercially available rechargeable cells for the remote control - 01 sets.
 Battery charger for charging cells of the remote control – 01 Nos.
 Commercially available standard 12V rechargeable lead acid sealed maintenance free battery for operation of motor of wire cutter - 01 Nos.
 Spool of 100-meter wire – 01 Nos. 
 All types of wire with connector required for functioning of the equipment User handbook / technical manual.

Additional Accessories:
 Commercially available rechargeable cells for the remote control - 01 sets
 Commercially available standard 12 V Rechargeable lead acid sealed maintenance free battery for operation of motor wire cutter - 01 Nos.
 Charger for standard 12V rechargeable lead acid sealed maintenance free battery.

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  • Model: STS- ROWC 01
  • Manufacturer: Securatech Systems

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