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Water Jet Disruptor

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Technical Specifications:
 The disruptor has specially designed liquid container with large scale calibre.
 High pressure muzzle, generating very high velocity jet of cool liquid.
 Multi shock absorption mechanism, making the recoil transmitter to the disruptor mount%  less than the common disruptor.
 The disruptor has laser sight necessary for focusing from to meters or more.
 The disruptor is capable to aim and generate high velocity jet of liquid from a distance of at
least 10 to 15 feet to effectively open any suspected hard metal package, pipe bomb, gas
cylinder, metal casing etc. can be effectively used to open ordinance shells.
 The disruptor is of high stability with special designed mount preventing the overturn caused by recoil.
 The disruptor is user friendly and not has much set up time.
 It is capable of firing following projectiles 
 Blade Projectile
 Bolster Projectile
 Chisel Projectile
 Fin/Spin Stabilized
 Fork Projectile
The disruptor spares are easily available as and when required.
 The disruptor is easily portable and light. Weight should be between 15 to 19 kg.
 The disruptor is initiated using initiating power of 24 V/Amp and power of initiator should be a 9-volt battery.
 The disruptor has velocity of more than 360 m/Sec
 The disruptor is able to be mounted on a stand and operated in 360 degrees.
o Operational Manual
o Carrying case with harness
o Training material / aid

Blasting Machine Specification:
Dimensions & weight:
Length: 70 mm
Breath: 55 mm
 Height: 25 mm
Weight: 01 kg. Approx.

 Fibreglass / cast casing for rugged use.
Firing Capabilities:
 50 detonators at 100 m
Power Source:
 Rechargeable SMF Battery
LED status indicators:
Full Charge, Ready Battery Status and Line continuity indicator
Capacitor discharge:
 instant
 Digital
Working Temperature:
 – 45° C to +50° C.
 Impact & water
Number of firings:
 600 at 20° C per battery
Priming time:
 3 seconds approx.
Safety features:
 –To avoiding accidental fire
Power output:
 550 Ohms.

1. Specifications may change as per customer requirement
2. Images Shown are for indicative purpose only, Actual product may differ.

  • Model: STS - AD 01
  • Manufacturer: Securatech Systems

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