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Touchless Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser

₹9,000.00  Inc Tax

An automatic dispenser also termed as automatic soap dispenser is an instrument or device that releases a determined amount of liquid solution or semi-liquid solutions as a cleansing soap (even sometimes hand liquid sanitizer is dispensed from the device). The device uses a modern technique to discharge the soap and is provided along with the faucets in the public places where a large number of people come together for different reasons of the individual. This device is put to set up to maintain the sanitization level and thus preventing the transmission of any germs or disease.

The electric soap dispenser is a variety of the automatic soap dispenser which uses a sensor that detects the body heat of the user when the hand is placed below the sensor or near to it and then drops the soap through the hole onto the user’s palm.

This is generally wall-mounted so that it can bear the weight of the device and there will be no such problem during the utilization of the device among the normal human beings. They have a steel body that allows them to conduct heat and electricity so that there the main feature of the device which is to work automatically remains intact.

Now electric soap dispenser has gained more importance with the rise of the pandemic of covid -19 as because they are completely touch less hand sanitizer dispenser. The hand sanitizer or liquid soap has become an essential means of sanitization.

Specification :
Capacity            : 5000 ML
Material             : ABS
Dispensing Type : Misting
Power                : 12 Volt DC

  • Model: SV-TLD-5000
  • Manufacturer: Securatech Systems

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