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Telescopic Manipulator

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The VD-TM-01 Telescopic Manipulator provides an improved ability for Bomb Disposal Technicians and EOD/IEDD Operators to maximize their standoff distance when working in close proximity to a suspect package or Improvised Explosive Device (IED). The popular VD-TM-01 is the latest generation of remote handling manipulator and includes following new features:

Technical Specifications:

 Length:5.5 meter when fully extended.

 Weight:Approx 15 Kgs. Provided with comfortable shoulder strap with sleeve for operator to handle it.

 Capability:It is useful to lift up to 25 Kgs. When extended at 4 Mtr. 20Kgs. When extended at 4.5 Mtr. 10 Kgs. when fully extended at 5.5 Mtr.

 Size of Claw:The Claw opens to a minimum of 15 Cms (6") and desirably up to 20 Cms (8")

 Breakaway Mechanism:It has a breakaway feature to shear off instantly to reduce the recoil effect almost too nil, in case of explosion.

 Water Jet:It is able to fire a water jet disruptor using this manipulator.

 Simplicity:Easy to use, simple to ear, use and take it off. The operator can move around Comfortably while wearing it.

 Atmospheric Variations:Ranges of Temperature: -20° C to +55° C

 Spare Batteries:The rechargeable battery power pack source last for a minimum of 30 min of continuous operation time. The equipment is provided with at one set of spare batteries.

 Ruggedness: The Equipment is rugged to tolerate shocks received during transportation and use in field.

 Transportation: Small in size and easily portable.

 Maintenance: The equipment is Simple to maintain.

 Standoff distance: Standoff distance of 3 meter from claw.

 Operation: The Claw is capable to manipulate the object placed at bottom of small vehicle and from hanging position & surface of earth without using any tools.
  • Model: STS-TM-011
  • Manufacturer: Securatech Systems

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