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Deep Search Metal Detector

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 High detection sensitivity.
 Capable to discriminate between two metals placed adjacent to each other.
 Automatic adoption to soil and water conditions.
 No effect of magnetized soil or of Sea water.
 Safe for electrically activated mines.
 Adjustable volume control.
 Selector switch for static or dynamic operation.
 Pinpointing the target within ± 3cm 

Additional Features:
 All weatherproof.
 Lightweight with complete operating weight of approx 3.5 Kg.
 Easy operation, no adjustment or compensation necessary.
 Technology: Pulse Induction Technology.
 Metal Detection: Ferrous, Non-ferrous, Ferrite & Alloys.
 Capable to detect Metal inside hollow PVC Pipe of 2 mm.
 Capable to detect Metal in mineralized soils from 2.5 feet depth.
 Capable to detect Metal on 1 cm cement plastering walls.
 Maximum Usable detection: 0.05 gm. Stainless steel at 75 mm.
 Battery / Power Supply:Inbuilt rechargeable battery with low battery indicator.
 Carrying Case: Light weight safety carrier / container for safe transportation.
 Warranty:2 years against manufacturing defect.

  • Model: STS-DSMD-01
  • Manufacturer: Securatech Systems

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