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4 CHL 4MP Full HD NVR (SV-NV-4004)

This superb 4 Channels NVR has 4 ports built into its case, it will power and send over the video for each of the IP cameras by a single Cat5 networking cable, and will automatically configure the camera's video settings, network settings, and power. Compatible with all Dripstone 4MP IP Cameras, No Configuration Required!
To stream video to your smartphone or tablet simply download the Streamview app and scan the NVR's QR code. 

  • 4 Channel 4MP Network Video Recorder
  • 4MP View 2560 x 1440 Pixels
  • Simultaneously View and Record From 4 Cameras in Full HD
  • Supports 1 SATA HDD Up To 4TB Of Storage
  • Supports dual stream
  • Supports VGA (Maximum HD 1080p) , HDMI (Maximum HD 1080p) output
  • Embedded 4 PoE IP Camera Network Ports
  • Remote Viewing from your iOS/Android Smartphone or Tablet
  • Supports Activated Recording, Real Time e-Mail Alerts, and USB Backup
$0.12  Inc Tax
4 CHL 2MP Full HD NVR (SV-NV-1004)

Secura-vision Mobile Solutions offers a durable mobile video surveillance solution that provides reliable security for transit agencies. The Mobile Solution NVR (or MNVR) operates across different transportation networks. The MNVR simultaneously records up to four (4) IP cameras in real-time and provides up to four (4) simultaneous video output channels.

The MNVR offers advanced options such as built-in motion detection algorithms, alarm triggers, and customized recording modes. MNVR technology is the ideal solution for actively monitoring and recording video feeds from mobile IP cameras. The recorder uses M12 aviation connectors to connect to cameras as an added level of stability. 

  • 264 and MJPEG Compression
  • Four-channel Synchronous Real-time Playback with GRID Interface
  • HDMI/VGA/TV Simultaneous Video Ouput
  • Supports Two (2) 2.5-in. SATA HDDs, up to 2 TB each
  • Includes Four (4) PoE Ports (IEEE802.3 af/at)
  • Aviation Connectors for Increased Signal Stability
  • Optional WiFi Module Available
  • Conforms to ONVIF Version 2.3
  • Multiple Network Monitoring Applications: Web Views, CMS, DSS
  • 1-year Warranty 
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32 Channel Network Video Recorder (SV-NV-1032-5M)

Main Functions:

* Preview channel can be switched to other channel randomly without changing the MAC which     is convenient for the project construction;

* The dendritic menu can be moved. Man-machine communication is more direct and the       
   settings of parameters are more easy and convenient;

* The mouse roller can realize 15X digital zooming which the enlarged image can be dragged 
   and moved randomly under preview and playback modes;

* Immediate snapshot and immediate view; the picture will be stored in an independent area in
   the HDD;

* The recording playback is shown by time bar and different color represents different recording
   type. It is very fast and easy to find check the recording;

* Recording backup can be accurate to second. Any time period of backup is available;

* The recording files in the USB disk can play directly in the playback interface while the   
   snapshot pictures can be viewed directly;

* Standard resolution which can be adjusted according to the display device in order to get the
   best image quality;

* Adopt HDD sequence writing method and the data is written from 0 track which increase 2.5X
   lifetime of the HDD

* H265 +, H265, H264 three-stream decoding, full real-time 4K network access
* Maximum support for 16 face matching at the same time, 5000 face database
* Black and white list classification, support face black and white list classification linkage alarm
* Support face recognition linkage front-end camera, device local alarm output function
* Support synchronous recording, remote monitoring, backup, hot backup
* VGA / HDMI synchronous output, standard RTSP, ONVIF protocol
* Support preview image and playback image electronic zoom
* Alarm snapshot, alarm email sending function
* Support DDNS, EMAIL, UPNP, NTP, P2P and other functions
* Support WEB, mobile phone monitoring, VMS monitoring
* Support our SMART IPC target counting, item left / lost, electronic fence, cross-border
   detection, face grouping list, face detection, humanoid detection, retrograde detection,
   departure detection, etc.
* Support disk group quota, can allocate different recording storage capacity or period to
   different channels, support RAID0, RAID1, RAID5, RAID6, RAID10 and other array types
* Support network disk function (IPSAN, NAS)
* Support IPC centralized management, including IPC parameter configuration, information
   import and export, real-time information acquisition and other functions
* Support channel grouping, preview tour, support external alarm
* Support network detection (network traffic monitoring, network packet capture, network
   smoothness) function
* Support maximum 16 channels 1080P video synchronous playback and multi-channel
   simultaneous reverse playback
* Support instant playback function, dual password authentication, zero channel setting
* Brand-new UI operation interface, support one-click recording function
* Support HTTP push face image docking and related configuration




Main chip


Operating system

Embedded Linux



Video format

H.265+/H.265 /H.264



Smart functions

Target counting, departure alarm, electronic fence, retrograde, humanoid detection (requires front-end camera support), face capture

Video mode

Manual / external alarm / dynamic detection / timing / intelligent analysis alarm / interrupted network recording


Support 1 channel 4K / 4 channel 4k / 9 channel 3mp / 16 channel 1080p video synchronous playback

Backup mode

USB mobile hard disk, U disk, network backup, USB burning

Face recognition

16-channel front-end comparison

Support live snapshot, batch import to add face library, preview snapshot interface to add face library, add historical snapshot face library from intelligent retrieval, export face library to support up to 5000 face libraries support face recognition black and white list classification and Trigger various linkage methods to support face search and face query pictures and video file recognition rate of more than 98%


16-channel front-end comparison mode

16-channel front-end comparison + 20-channel security machine / common machine

Split Screen


















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