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Hand Held Search Light (STS-HHSL1-1)

Searchlights are lightweight, compact, high intensity illuminators that use a field replaceable Halogen short arc lamp and a precision electroformed reflector to provide the ultimate source for long range and wide angle portable illumination.

Technical Specifications

Light Source: 
12v/55w Halogen bulb to provide smooth and intense pre-focused light of approx 140 lumens.
 Focus Beam: 
1000 Mtrs.
 Battery: 
12v 7Ah Rechargeable lead acid SMF Exide Battery with inbuilt battery charger.
 Run Time: 
90 minutes
 Dimensions:
 Length 260 mm
 Front diameter 160mm
 Rear diameter 135mm
 Weight Approx 3.7 kg
 Casing/Body: 
One piece moulding with integral handle made of super tough glass fitted poly-carbonate material minimum thickness of 2.5mm front & back cover with tool less removal.
 Shoulder Strap: 
135cm long 3cm wide rubber flap sifted inside the nylon strip.

Operating Temperature: -20° C to +55° C, RH up to 90% none condensing.
 Circuit Description:  Push to ON/OFF switch & membrane switch.
 Low battery indication with audio.
 Dimmer & Auto flashing with membrane switch.
 Timer, flasher & continues mode select membrane switch
 DC Blown Fuse indicator
 DC Fuse is placed outside

 Charging status indicator:
 Bust Mode – Red
 Tickle Mode – Yellow
 Full Charged – Green blinking

 Additional Features:
 Single Panel Indication.
 Completely Waterproof / All weather proof.
 Light weight
 Easy operation

 Certifications:  CE and ISO Certified.

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  • A ring-shaped shackle for the wrist, which is one of a pair connected by short chain.
  • Rotating arm backloads for speed cuffing.
  • Double Locking Mechanism.
  • Material used to make the handcuffs i.e. nickel coated metallic with nickel finishing.
  • Prevents the ratchet from advancing further in the closing direction.
  • A mechanism which locks a handcuff pawl in an engaged position.
  • Weight: 270 gms
  • Dimensions: Each handcuff of each pair to have minimum opening of 55 mm for insertion of the human wrist. The inside perimeter of the handcuff to be a minimum 200 mm when the ratchet is engaged at the rist notch entering the locking mechanism. The inside perimeter of the handcuff to be a maximum of 165 mm when the ratchet is engaged at the last notch entering the locking mechanism. The maximum overall length of the pair of handcuffs to be 2200 mm.
  • Show no substantial corrosion and to continue to function.
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Finish: Bright Nickel Finish
  • Two standard keys with every handcuff.

Note: 1. Specifications may change as per customer requirement
         2. Images Shown are for indicative purpose only, Actual product may differ.

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Self Distancing Clamp for Lockdown Offenders (STS-SDC-01)

Self Distancing Clamp for lock down Offenders is a distinctive tool developed by Securatech Systems under guidance of Security Wing of Chandigarh Police to help and protect their field staff while dealing with suspected patients and non cooperative lock down offenders without having a physical contact with them. By using this unique tool the CORONA Fighters of Police department will be able to hold and lock the suspects/offenders at a safe distance and lead them to the police vehicles without risking their own lives.

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Safe Distance Document Checker During Lockdown (STS-SDC-03)

It is a unique equipment designed by Securatech Sytesms for Police department to keep safe distance while checking on police check posts for verifying movement pass and vehicle documents during lock down. Is is suitable for checking documents during day and night. 

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