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₹2,500.00  Inc Tax
Razor Barbed Wire Per piece (Concertina Coils)

Product Description

punched tape concertina coil (ptcc) is an accordion type spiral, fabricated by coiling reinforced barbed tape (rbt) and clipping adjacent spiral turns suitable to form a concertina. It is provided with two handles at each end for ease in handling, laying and retrieving. Each spiral turns of ptcc has over 550 sharp barbs along its lengths and hence it is very difficult to cross over.

Specifications of Concertina Wire / Razor Wire:

Coil Diameter >
Parameters ↓
600 mm
24 in / 2 ft
1050 mm
42 in / 3 ½ ft
No. of turns5050
Approx. Wt. of coil8.25 kgs.15.25 kgs.
Full straight length
94 mts.164 mts.
Recommended coil stretch length5 - 6 mts.15 mts.
No. Of clips55
₹2,500.00  Inc Tax
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