A police shield which is also referred to as anti-riot shield is an important equipment which is commonly used by police or law enforcement officers. They protect the officers against stone pelting or brick batting.This enables the officers to control riots without getting injured. They are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes which brings about the variation in prices. A good police shield should be able to withstand high amount of impact while still enabling the officers to have a full view of their main target; the riot of crowd they are trying to control. The most common types of anti-riot police shield is the poly-carbonate police shields.
These items are manufactured from poly-carbonates due to the wide range of benefits these materials have to offer.

Technical Specifications :-

 Designed for complete protection against brick batting, stone pelting, iron rod/cane Attack, molotov cocktails, acids.
 Raw material: Engineering grade Poly-carbonate.
 Shape: Rectangular
 Edges well secured and covered by durable band/elbows.
 Thick ribs all along the edges for higher structural strength.
 Improved consistency in thickness and enhanced strength.
 Cushioned arm rest to provide comfort in long use
 Vision area of shield so shaped as to avoid scratches during handling.
 Light wt, scratch proof, durable and transparent.
 High impact resistance.


 Material: Transparent/Scratch proof Virgin grade Polycarbonate.
 Length: 910 mm to 1000 mm
 Weight: 2.940 Kg.
 Breadth (Flat): 580 mm ±25mm
 Breadth Concave: 620 mm ±10 mm
 Thickness: 3.0 mm ±0.5 mm

Note: 1. Specifications may change as per customer requirement
          2. Images Shown are for indicative purpose only, Actual product may differ.
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