Poly-carbonate Lathi is designed & developed using latest technology. We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying Poly-carbonate Lathi’s that are used across the country for riot control purposes. These lathi’s are manufactured using thermoplastic polymers, also known
as poly-carbonate.

Features & Technical Specifications :-

Raw Material: Engineering grade poly-carbonate.
Ultra strong & light weight
Effective deterrent
High impact resistance
Long shelf life

Additional Features:
 Hand grip is designed for extra length grip
 End cap has thick ribs at the end for higher structural strength.
 Wrist band on the top of hand grip is provided to enable proper security of the lathi.
 Easy to hold and control the mob

 Total Length: 1000 mm + 20 mm
 Handgrip : 1500 mm long with Nylon rope
 End Cap : 100 mm (Plain)
 Diameter : 25 mm + 2 mm
 Thickness : 3 mm + 0.5 mm
 Raw material: Engineering grade poly-carbonate.
 Weight : 300 gms + 10 gms
 Wrist Band Length: 200 mm + 5 mm
 Colour : Transparent / Khaki

Note: 1. Specifications may change as per customer requirement
          2. Images Shown are for indicative purpose only, Actual product may 
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20 Ltrs UV Sterilizer (SV-UV-20)

In today’s continuously changing environments it has become even more important than ever to
effectively protect from the various infectious microbes. SV-UV-20 is intelligent and completely
removes the guess work and ineffectiveness of regular cleaning.
SV-UV-20 incorporates unique patented design features that reduce shadowing. Log 6 reduction
(99.9999%) bacterial kill achieved in minutes. Simply wash items (tools, sponges, brushes, etc.), place them in the drawer, switch on the light and the ultraviolet system acts as a germicide; cleaning the instruments inside. Ultraviolet light automatically shuts off when door is opened for safety. Light reactivates when door is closed.

 One-button sterilizing
 360-degree disinfection
 99.99% sterilize, non-toxic.
 Auto-off when the lid is open, ensuring your safety.
 MS stable material, durable and long-lasting use.
 Simple and high-efficient.
 Adapter power supply, fast disinfecting.
 Professional-grade UV disinfection, high efficiency.
 With Inbuilt timer 0-60Minutes
 With Automatic Door Sensor
 Lamp Type – UVC LED
 Uniform distribution of UVC light is achieved at intensity 5mW/cm2 to 25mW/cm2.
 The best wavelength level to disinfect, destroy the DNA structure of bacteria.
 Ultraviolet rays and OZONE directly destroy the DNA of bacteria and destroy all bacteria.
 UVC LED Driver Inbuilt
 Wavelength: 254nm to 275nm
 UVC Light life 3000 hours continuous operation
 Power ON Indicator Illuminated Switch
 Operation Modes Indicated by LED
 Operating Voltage: 230 VAC 50 60H/z
 Warranty: 1 Years

₹18,000.00  Inc Tax
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