Riot Control

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Boom Barrier (STS- CRBB 01 )

A boom barrier is a bar or pole pivoted to allow the boom to block vehicular access through a controlled point. Typically the tip of a boom gate rises in a vertical arc to a near vertical position. Boom gates are often counter weighted, so the pole is easily tipped.

Technical Specifications:-
Anti-crush safety mechanism to suspend the motion of barrier when met with any obstruction.
Quick opening and closing of barrier with soft landing.
Speed of barrier is programmable (upto 100%) while installing as per frequency of traffic.
Provision to integrate with other peripheral devices like Access Control System, Beam sensors.
Single push button activation and operation / wireless remote operation (Optional)
Weight with boom: Upto 80 Kgs weight will change according to the boom Length.
Safety device like beam sensor should be provided with the barrier.
 Clamping mechanism in open and closed positions.
 Control system such as gear unit, crank drive and control unit etc. Are well housed inside a stainless steel pole stand casing.
 Distinct visible marking/paintwork.
 100 micron epoxy zinc plating anti corrosion paint coated barrier body

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Delineator with Radium
  • Delineator with radium made with 16 gauge MS Rectangular Pipe which size is 25 x 68 mm and of length 600 mm.
  • Power coated or pipe stove enameled and 0 baked to 120 C.
  • Hand made out of plastic rectangular moulded with flat face provided with high intensity prismatic reflectors of colour.
  • Yellow size 100 x 125 mm
  • Additional 2 reflective strips i.e 25 mm wide.
  • Warranty: 1 year

1. Specifications may change as per customer requirement
2. Images Shown are for indicative purpose only, Actual product may differ.
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FRP Helmet

FRP Helmets are manufactured using FRP composite material, which is better known as fibre-reinforced plastic. The helmets offered by us are durable and have high impact strength, thus, providing protection to the head from heavy jerks. These helmets are available in different colour and in different sizes, as per client requirements. These are fabricated using superior quality material and provide excellent protection against brick batting stone pelting and iron rods/cane attack. These easy-to-wear helmets are offered to our clients across the country at economical costs.

Features & Technical Specifications

 Helmet designed for general duty ballistic protection.
Fibre Reinforced Plastic Material.
 Design based on Personal Armour System Ground Troops.
 Snap fit and quick release chin strap with three point suspension.
 Select able adjustable and comfortable harness.
Provides excellent protection and impact resistance against blunt objects and hand-thrown projectiles encountered during Riot situation.
Available in Olive Green/ Khaki /Any Other Colour (as required) in mat/crinkle finish.
Sizes and Colour patterns are subject to customisation.
Comes fitted with detachable shatterproof aluminium mesh visor, detachable neck-protector and round shaped interior cushion padding.

 Specifications:
 Helmet: Shape: Round Shape Shell
Thickness: 4mm ± 0.5 mm
Weight: 1000 gms ± 100 gms
 Face Mask/Visor:
Thickness: 3mm ± 0.5 mm Length: 15 cm + 2cm Width: 30 cm + 2 cm Weight: 300 gms ± 10 gms
 Upper aluminium Frame:
Width: 2.5 to 3 cm. Thickness: 3 mm + 1 mm.
 Other three sides of aluminium frame:
Width: 1 to 1.5 cm.
Thickness: 3 mm + 1 mm.

1. Specifications may change as per customer requirements
2. Images Shown are for indicative purpose only, Actual product may differ

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  • A ring-shaped shackle for the wrist, which is one of a pair connected by short chain.
  • Rotating arm backloads for speed cuffing.
  • Double Locking Mechanism.
  • Material used to make the handcuffs i.e. nickel coated metallic with nickel finishing.
  • Prevents the ratchet from advancing further in the closing direction.
  • A mechanism which locks a handcuff pawl in an engaged position.
  • Weight: 270 gms
  • Dimensions: Each handcuff of each pair to have minimum opening of 55 mm for insertion of the human wrist. The inside perimeter of the handcuff to be a minimum 200 mm when the ratchet is engaged at the rist notch entering the locking mechanism. The inside perimeter of the handcuff to be a maximum of 165 mm when the ratchet is engaged at the last notch entering the locking mechanism. The maximum overall length of the pair of handcuffs to be 2200 mm.
  • Show no substantial corrosion and to continue to function.
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Finish: Bright Nickel Finish
  • Two standard keys with every handcuff.

Note: 1. Specifications may change as per customer requirement
         2. Images Shown are for indicative purpose only, Actual product may differ.

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Poly-Carbonate Shield (SS- PCS 01)

A police shield which is also referred to as anti-riot shield is an important equipment which is commonly used by police or law enforcement officers. They protect the officers against stone pelting or brick batting.This enables the officers to control riots without getting injured. They are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes which brings about the variation in prices. A good police shield should be able to withstand high amount of impact while still enabling the officers to have a full view of their main target; the riot of crowd they are trying to control. The most common types of anti-riot police shield is the poly-carbonate police shields.

These items are manufactured from poly-carbonates due to the wide range of benefits these materials have to offer.

Technical Specifications :-

 Designed for complete protection against brick batting, stone pelting, iron rod/cane Attack,      molotov cocktails, acids.
 Raw material: Engineering grade Poly-carbonate.
 Shape: Rectangular
 Edges well secured and covered by durable band/elbows.
 Thick ribs all along the edges for higher structural strength.
 Improved consistency in thickness and enhanced strength.
 Cushioned arm rest to provide comfort in long use
 Vision area of shield so shaped as to avoid scratches during handling.
 Light wt, scratch proof, durable and transparent.
 High impact resistance.


 Material: Transparent/Scratch proof Virgin grade Polycarbonate.
 Length: 910 mm to 1000 mm
 Weight: 2.940 Kg.
 Breadth (Flat): 580 mm ±25mm
 Breadth Concave: 620 mm ±10 mm
 Thickness: 3.0 mm ±0.5 mm

Note: 1. Specifications may change as per customer requirement
          2. Images Shown are for indicative purpose only, Actual product may differ.

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Remote Telescopic Manipulator (STS-RTM 01)

Technical Specifications:
 Length: 5.5 meter when fully extended.
 Weight: Approx 15 Kgs. Provided with comfortable shoulder strap with sleeve for    
   operator to handle it.
 Capability: It is useful to lift up to 
 25 Kgs. When extended at 4 Mtr.
 20Kgs. When extended at 4.5 Mtr.
 10 Kgs. when fully extended at 5.5 Mtr.

Size of Claw: The Claw opens to a minimum of 15 Cms (6") and desirably up to 20 Cms (8")
Breakaway Mechanism: It has a breakaway feature to shear off instantly to reduce the recoil effect almost too nil, in case of explosion.
Water Jet: It is able to fire a water jet disruptor using this manipulator.
Simplicity: Easy to use, simple to ear, use and take it off. The operator can move around
Comfortably while wearing it.
Atmospheric Variations: Ranges of Temperature: -20° C to +55° C
Spare Batteries: The rechargeable battery power pack source last for a minimum of 30 min of
continuous operation time. The equipment is provided with at one set of spare batteries.
Ruggedness: The Equipment is rugged to tolerate shocks received during transportation and use in field.
Transportation: Small in size and easily portable.
Maintenance: The equipment is Simple to maintain.
Standoff distance: Standoff distance of 3 meter from claw.
Operation: The Claw is capable to manipulate the object placed at bottom of small vehicle and from hanging position & surface of earth without using any tools.

Note: 1. Specifications may change as per customer requirement
          2. Images Shown are for indicative purpose only, Actual product may differ.

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Vehicle Locker


  • The vehicle locker highly visible due to bright colors i.e. red and yellow.
  • Vehicle locker adjusted to fit 7 to 11 inches width tires.
  • The vehicle locker used to be very simple and fitted in few seconds.
  • It is portable and store anywhere.
  • The vehicle locker provided soft coated clamp to prevent scratching or damaging wheels or rims.
  • Warranty period: 2 years

Note: 1. Specifications may change as per customer requirement
          2. Images Shown are for indicative purpose only, Actual product may differ.

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